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"80% of accidents in the nuclear industry can be attributed to human error."

It's our responsibility.

Safety is the most important value at a nuclear plant. As nuclear professionals, it's our responsibility to minimize (or even eliminate) accidents, falls, ruptured vessels, radiation exposure and human performance errors.

We can do better.

PARRS will combine radiation mapping, procedure guidance, and artificial intelligence into a suite of applications for AR devices to improve human performance and kindle a positive nuclear safety culture.

PARRS stands for Personal Augmented Reality Reference System. We picked this name for two reasons. First, it sounds like parse which meansto analyze, and second, the nuclear industry loves its acronyms!

PARRS will combine

radiation map
Augmented Reality

PARRS will use augmented reality (AR) to display radiation dose data, guidance documents and evacuation procedures. We're empowering the technician, we real-time support.

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Radiation Mapping

PARRS will deploy remote operated vehicles (ROVs) with built-in LiDAR cameras and radiation detectors for radiation mapping and emergency evacuation planning.

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Procedure Guidance

Encourage on-the-job training and support by providing real-time access to voice-activated checklists and procedures, and video conference applications like Google Hangouts. 

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